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The Short Link to this page is Many people question what our banking system is in the US (I plan on writing a fact check article about the contents of this YouTube video).  For this reason we are looking at making it possible to connect different banks from different countries to our wallet.  We […]

RCO may have an application in the Cannabis Industry.

It is possible that people can use an RCO Crypto Wallet to transact different Cannabis Industry Transactions.  There have been a whole ton of different solutions for transaction needs in the Cannabis Industry that have been created over the last few years, and it is always possible that people may want to enter into a […]

We are going to make a site for abandoned law transaction clients.

We are going to make a site where clients who have been abandoned by their attorneys can go to post that they need an attorney and that they want to pay their attorney with RCO.  It will be a simple anonymous bulletin board where anybody can post, but only verified Attorneys can see the posts.