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Many people question what our banking system is in the US (I plan on writing a fact check article about the contents of this YouTube video).  For this reason we are looking at making it possible to connect different banks from different countries to our wallet.  We are not sure how it will work itself out.

Many people question what our social security numbers etc. are, but we are not addressing that, but simply included this link to the Cestui Que Trust Law Review of 1917 by Princeton.

This is the list of the capabilities of RCO.

For good measure, a full text copy of the Federalist Papers.

A full text reading of the Constitution of the United States (not for).

Oh and while I’m at it, the Book of Concord & a video by LCMS Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller about the difference between decisional theology and German Lutheran Theology.

This is an interesting video also about the willful subversion of the US Constitution.

Nothing about the content linked out to on this page is because of any intent to subvert US Sovereignty, but simply is placed here because of concurrent interconnected philosophical concepts that undergird the crypto utility token industry.


James F. Polk –

Founder of Centinel Trust & Apex Law Service


P.S.  For good measure I included a copy of Former President Barack Obama’s Anti-Disinformation Czar Cass Sunstein’s paper: Conspiracy Theories.  Just for fun I saved a copy on my server so they can’t erase it from history, lol.  You can find it at

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