Problems Solved by RCO

  1. Transactions in the control of the Client.
  2. Transaction funds not under the control of anybody other than the Client.
  3. Abandoned Client will be able to find a new Attorney much more quickly.
  4. Attorneys will be able to gain the trust of their clients by offering RCO transactions.
  5. No Escrow fee.
  6. No IOLTA (though RCO might be duty bound to pay local Bar Associations).
  7. RCO will be able to be synchronized with any set of Agent/Client Professional Services Industries: Attorney, Paralegal, Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Escrow, Tax, the list goes on.
  8. Disputed Disbursements are locked and neither party can abscond with the funds.
  9. It will induce Service Professionals to perform and properly bill and document work so that they will be paid their disbursement.
  10. It will give the Service Professional the security of knowing the funds are committed to the transaction and they simply have to perform.
  11. Predatory Clients will not be able to be predatory.  Service providers will only do the amount of work they have been paid disbursements to do and/or are about to be paid to do.

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